Recurring Batch Job disappears from the batch quer

We are on AX2012 CU3. We have scheduled several recurring batch jobs to process daily. The batch job recurring parameters has the recurring start time and date along with the ‘no end date’ option selected and then the reoccurring pattern set to weeks and selected days of the week chosen. We are noticing that after the individual recurring job runs for a portion of time (say 3 to 6 months), after it processes for that day, the batch que no longer has the recurring job slated to run the next night. It is like it gets deleted from the batch que after it processes.

Any thoughts

Didn’t the last run finish successfully or does it end with an error?

The previous run’s job finished successfully.

Is one of these tasks for posting Sales Order documents, like Confirmation, Picking List etc.?

This has happen with the AR >Periodic > Collections> customer aging snapshot and two of our customized external interfaces.

Sorry, then I don’t think I have an explanation. I was remembering KB2855720; a hot fix for the ‘Sales update history cleanup’ job which would incorrectly delete records from SalesParmUpdate (records where Late Selection was set to ‘Yes’, and which were therefore still needed by recurring batch jobs).