recurrent co-products


I have a question regarding the use of recurrent co-products in formula. Both the Help form of AX 2012 and a book that I am reading say that there is a field in the co-products form which allows the use of recurrent co-products. However I cannot find this field anywhere. Is that field deleted or I just cant find it.

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What is the field called?

What is the version of AX you are looing at?

There are two field that I cant see - Recurrent and Recurrent position. They are described in the Help form (F1) in the Co-products form.

The version is AX 2012 R2.

I can see the description in Technet but it is not in the table in CU7, suggesting the fields were thought about but never made the final cut (it denotes an item produced and consumed in the same formula and links to the op it is consumed on). I cannot see a way this could be activated if the fields are not present in the PMFformulaCoBy table.

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It is my understanding that this functionality is available in AX 2009 and can be integrated into 2012

Nope, it never made the cut for AX2012 and was a removed feature. This was posted by Microsoft on a blog comment I read recently - just cannot find it!!

Yes, I understand, but I also understand that 2012 can be customized with the 2009 Code…it was available in 2009 - or so I understand.

Well technically you can customize it to do anything :slight_smile:

In AX2009 the process elements were not Microsofts, they were an MDIS (Microsoft Dynamics Integrated SolutIon) provided by FullScope who sold it to Microsoft who then incorpoRated it into AX2012.

Agree with Adam here. The solution was originally developed by FullScope and Microsoft just acquired the vertical to integrate into standard solution. I’m glad :slight_smile: that I was part of that Integration testing and having worked on AX2009 PI & PSA verticals integration and support for Microsoft and also in AX2012 product engineering teams for SI I observed that many of the features are re-worked upon and some of them are not incorporated in AX2012.