Recover a deleted Sales Invoice that has been invoiced

Does anyone know if it is possible to recover the header and detail of a Sales Order where a user has accidently deleted it ?

I can find the order in voided sales orders but there dosn’t seem to be a way to recover it back.

Hope you can assist



I believe the copy funcitonality should still list the order even if it is voided, so you can create a new sales order and use the copy function to retrieve it.

Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately the voided orders do not show when I try the copy function.It may be the way the system has been set up ?


I can only test in version 4, how are you deleting the order, what has happened to it previously? I just looked in the voided list and saw I could use the copy function on the orders in there, but it maybe how they are processed or the version that affects this.