Recordset or Array ? need advice

Hello, i am developing a automation object (activexdll)for the use in navision The Automation object so far does following 1.) connects via tcp to a server 2.) Navision send a data request to the Automation object 3.) the Automation object send the request to the sever 4.) the Automation object arranges internaly the incoming data till now into an multidimension array the arry looks like this DataArray(75,8) It will never get more then 75 Main records -LastName -Surname -Street -StreetNo -ZipCode -City -PhoneAreCode -PhoneNo So to pass the “records” to Navision i do loop and retrive rcord by record and field by filed. but i am thinking of to define virtual database (via recordsets) in that activexdll and to pass that records to navision. I allready have build a recordset class for the activxdll, but as i never worked with recordsets and navision automation i want to know what would you use. The simple one to recive the requested data via field by filed from an array , or the complexer on via recordset ? Wich one will be faster or better more efficent ? Glad to heare your minds