Records inserted when filters return no record


I have a form with some text boxes which are used to filter the rows of the base table of the form.
These rows are then displayed in a (generally editable) TableBox.
The base table’s primary key consists of multiple fields.
Filters are applied one by one and they all concern fields belonging to the primary key.
Some filters are lookups to other tables.
Some of the fields of the base table reference are Options (then a default value is proposed immediately when I add a new row)

PROBLEM: Everything works fine if filters return at least one record, but if they return none (and I know simply because I use filter values which are not present in the base table), a record is automatically inserted as the first record of the TableBox, containing the values I used in the filters. How can I avoid this? I mean, how can I make the TableBox display no rows (or at least empty ones with just the Options set)?
To update the TableBox I use CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE) called indirectly from the OnAfterValidate() methods of the filter text boxes…

Thank you very much in advance!

Solved: I needed to set DelayedInsert to TRUE!