recordref.recordID not translated ?

dear all,

i’m facing an issues using the statement recordref.recordID

Actually we are using this RECORDID to populate a table as key to be processed later.;



depeding on GLOBALLANGUAGE i’m getting:


Purchase Line: Offerta,PQ00001,1000


Purchase Line: Quote,PQ00001,1000

Doing that I cannot identify duplicate because are different :frowning:

Is it possible get a fixed Caption for recref.recordID ? Do you have some ideas ?

Whitout redesigning the whole implementation i was thinkig to do something like that:;


if globallanguage <> 1033 //it isdifferent than EN

then begin

oldgloballanguage := globallanguage; //save old globallanguge

globallanguage := 1033;


message(’%1 … %2’,recref.recordid,GLOBALLANGUAGE);

if oldgloballanguage <> 0 then

globallanguage := oldgloballanguage; // restore globallanguage

Do you see some caveats or potential issues ?

Thank you to all,