RecordRef and LookUp

Hi, I have a function which filter in a dynamic subset of tables using the RecordRef and FieldRef types. The code looks like:

rrSearch : RecordRef, frSearch : FieldRef
  frSearch := rrSearch.FIELD(intFieldId);

This works fine so far, but I dont know how to call the LookUp form of the record referenced by rrSearch.

you have to copy your filter to a normal record using get- and setview. Sample: record.SETVIEW(recref.getview); form.runmodal(0,record);

Thank you, but this doesn’t solve my problem because I don’t know which record subtype I should use at design time. Now I use a table which has the fields “Table Id” and “Form Id” so I can get the LookUp form for this Table, which can be called with filters through the Hyperlink() function. Greets, Frank

There is not another way in 3.60, hopefully 3.70 gives us the oppertunity to open forms based on recrefs.