RecordRef again

Hi everyone, I had the following problem: showing a form with records from a table grouped by a certain no of fields. To show it obviously you need a form based on a temporary table. But for actually building the data to be shown I thought I should take a generic approach. And I have a codeunit to which you pass a table no, the field nos to group by and then it creates a temporary table with the grouped data. And it is all built using recordref and the likes [:)] But when it comes to showing the data on the form I am a bit stuck. I can pass a temporary record parameter (for Sales Line for instance) to my codeunit and copy the data to it but then I lose my generic approach since I would need a function for every table I would use.[:(] The other way would be to pass the recordref back to the form and then I am home free. But every time I try to use recordref as parameter of a function (by value or reference) Navision crashes [}:)] So any suggestions? Is the parameter problem a bug or I am doing something stupid or both? [;)] Thanks, Cristi

Hi guys, After a little bit more digging I have more info about the problem. It seems that even though you have a recordref as a global in a codeunit if you process it in a function Navision does not recognize the data that is associated with that as soon as you leave the scope of that function. So I guess it is a bug unless I miss the point of recordref… Cristi

It’s a bug. Hope i’t fixed in future releases!