recording merial loss in navision

Hi ,

My client has a manufacturing unit in which he sends the material in to the furnace some fixed no.of kgs,

and he gets output in kgs only but he will loss one or two kgs it is not fixed. so how to record the loss in the process

For example if he takes 100 kgs input he will get 98 kgs sometimes 95 kgs so on.

So how to record this in navision.

Also plz tell me how to get multiple outputs from one input.

For example if i send materiam A of 100 kgs in to production i will get material B 48 kgs and material b 42 remaining is material loss.

Plz explain me these scenarios

Well the first one is your reporting of output - you do not need to record the loss, if you start to make 100 and then consume the material for 100 you report the amount you finished. Of course this opens up a whole set of metric, yield reporting requirements as questions - but you have not asked these.

For the second one the BOM can contain a negtive quantity, meaning it is a positive entry into stock rather than a consumption. Of course you need to test this especially with costing.

I would advise you look at the Process add-ons that handle yield reporting, batching, co-product and by-product processing as this may provide many of the solutions you seek. Process 800 is one I am aware of but have never used.

Thank u adam first thing is clear but i dint get the second point.

Can i directly write the two items in output journal with UOM and take the output to inventory

As standard no - it has to be in the BOM as a negative quantity - then when you post the “consumption” it will book the item into stock.

adam sorry adam i din’t get u wat does it mean by recording the item in BOM with negative quantity

What part do you not understand?

You know what a BOM is? You know how to set one up? You know how this processes through to consume stock? What do you imagine would happen if you put a negative quantity in (I am assuming you know what I mean by negative quantity?).

I suggest you try one and see what happens when you post the consumption journal.