Record updation

Hi All,

Consider there is a parent table and a child table, now if i update records in parent table automatically the child table also must be updated and vice versa. What should i do.pls help me.



Why did you post the links about database triggers here? Didn’t you forget to add some comment?

In AX, you can override insert(), update() and delete() methods on a table and implement any logic (including updates of other tables) there.

It has, of course, negative impact on performance.

If you do too many updates of other tables, it usually means that your database isn’t normalized enough.

Hi Mr.Martin,

Actually yes i did forgot to add comments with the links,those were suggested by a friend for the question i asked above so i want to cross check it once again. Can you please explain in detail a solution for my question above.



You’ll have to find the record(s) you want to update, set values you want to set and call update(). You’ll find more information in AX documentation: How to: Update Data. The documentation is there for your benefit - use it.

Thanks Mr.Martin the document was very useful.