Record Position in table

Hi, Does anyone know how to find a records position in a table, i’m trying to find out what number a particular record is in a table without an integer as the primary key. Eg If I had the letters of the alphabet as primary key records and looked up E it would return 5. Tried Navision help and tried searching the forum but no luck… Any ideas. Thanks Stuart

Hi! Hmmm … I don’t know if there is some function or method for this, but maybe you could do it that way: Set a filter on you current Record like this: CurrRec.SETFILTER(PrimaryKeyField, ‘…%1’, CurrPrimaryKeyFieldValue); e.g. YourRec.SETFILTER(Key, ‘…%1’, ‘E’); Then COUNT should return the number of that record: CurrRecNumber := CurrRec.COUNT; In your example it should return 5 … Hope this could help you [^]