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Preparing a report for customer ledger entry table(21) . In document type field (invoice,payment,credit memo) are found. Need to display the fields which are empty .i.e in report if no document type is found NULL should be displayed , which keyword should i use in C/AL or please suggest me the syntax and which part code should be written.

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Hi Ramanatan,

what code do you have and what is the error or problem you are having? If you haven’t started, then start. Don’t expect the forum to write your code for you.


As programmer you should know --or had been noticed at first look-- that in Navision DB all fields in all tables have NOT NULL constraint.
Besides, value NULL, common in other languages, simply doesn’t exist.

So, empty fields contain other values (depending on field type), never NULL. RTFM or STFW on your choice…