record creation and validation based on page view ?


I’m a newbie in this AL stuff and need your opinion on how best to do it.

There’s a property table like below where 1 sales line can have multiple record on it, and the entry number is the primary key.

LineProperty table with these fields : Entry No.(PK), Document Type, Document No, Line No., Property Name, Property Age.

Entry No will be created automatically when record inserted.

I need advise below.


Is there a method you can advise to create new record in the PropertyPage by getting the value of DocumentType,

DocumentNo, and LineNo from current Sales Line record without using global function to pass value to the page ?


For example there are already record on page with current view (Document type = Invoice, Document No = 01, Line No = 10000)

Entry No : 1

Property Name : Loveland Mansion

Property Age: 12

And i want to prevent creation on new record (entry no 2) because previous record (entry no 1) Property Age is still need to be filled. how you will do in this situation ?