Hello Navision User Group.

Im trying to reconcile an importet bank statement. The problem is that my postings does not automatically appear in the right window ( as “bank account postings”).

I can only make it appear in the “bank account postings” window if i choose “bank account” as account type in the journal before posting the journal lines. Does this mean that i have to remember that every time i poste to my G/L account which corresponds to my bank account, i have to choose the account type “bank acount”?

Is there some smart way to tell the system that every time i poste on a specifik G/L account, it should always appear in the “bank account postings” window so i can do the reconciliation?

I really hope someone can help me because its a big problem for me :frowning:

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Hi! Short answer is yes. The g/l account is a control account linked to the sub ledger bank account. So switch off direct posting on this g/l account and problem solved.

Hope this helps!:wink:


Thank you Neil. I understand what you mean and it might be the right thing to do for me, but it raises som new questions for me:

If i switch direct posting to off, how do i then create direct postings on the bank account, so it appears on the reconciliation, before import of the bank statement?

My other question: I am integration this new ERP system from another one. All the postings from the old ERP have i posted directly on the G/L account (which is my bank account) . I guess this means that the balance on the G/L account would not match the balance of the Sub Ledger Bank account. Do you think that is a problem? It is postings from 1½ year, so i would prefer not to start over again. :-/

I hope my questions make sense :slight_smile:


Hi! You post to the sub ledger (bank account) using account type Bank Account so there is no need to post direct to the related GL code and by definition they remain in synch as long as you assign this GL code via Bank Posting Groups to the bank account.

As for the history, you can always get a bank rec as at a date forced into the bank ledger. Messy but a good start point as easier than reposting years of transactions.


Thank you Neil.

Ok i will defintely turn off the direct posting.

Just to make sure, is there no setting in the “chart of accounts” that makes sure that every posting on a specifik G/L will be the accounting type “Bank Account”? I have to manually choose “Bank Account” as a account type every time im posting?

Im sorry, but im not sure what you mean about this: “you can always get a bank rec as at a date forced into the bank ledger.” Can you maybe explain it further?

Thank you very much Neil, it is a big help :slight_smile:


No there is no setting. Works the other way by switching off direct posting so you know the GL code is a sub ledger control account but you cannot tell which without looking at the posting groups set up across all the sub ledgers.

I mean re bank rec this is like a data migration exercise in that you are trying to create an opening bank rec position. the only difference is that you need to account for historical transactions - possibly! [:D]


Hello Neil.

Thank you very much. I will definitely set direct posting to off.

Ok so i can create an open balance on the bank sub ledger? But how do i post such a thing without affecting my chart of accounts?