Recommended Database Options for Navision on SQL in Sweden, Denmark, Norway

I am moving our Navision (3.10) for Sweden from C/SIDE to SQl.

When I try to restore the Navision backup SQL issues an error…

Character ø not allowed.

What are the recommended database options for working with the Nordic character sets?


that would be the collation tab of database/alter. I don’t know which one you should select for nordic characters, but I am sure someone in this forum will know [:)]

Well I would simply select the Swedish, Finish (select “Finnish, Swedish”) collation… [;)]

I my company our setup we use the “Danish, Norwegian” collation for our EMEA database (covering all our European companies), and we have never had any complaints about that. Not from the Swedes either…

Good Morning,

Thanks for the information.

I have tried both collations but there is still a problem with ø in Code fields (Search Name in Vendor table).

To establish the QA database I have substituted ø with ~ (in C/SIDE of course!) and there are no other problems, execpt for dbtest but that is another matter.

Do you know if the language setting on the SQL Server or the Terminal Server is critical?


I remember something in that direction yes. Your client (or TS) must support Ø as well. Try to open a command prompt and see if you can type the Ø here… Remember Navision does not support Unicode, but still uses ASCII internally… [:S]

Thanks again.

We are now investigating the options on the Terminal Server and the SQL server.

Thanks for the help.

Working on other SQL databases in the estate this morning i found that this is only a problem when restoring into SQL from a Navision backup, regardless of collation.

Thankfully, there are only 9 vendor accounts to be updated manually before backup and migration.

Yes, that actually reminds me of the issue there might be if you’re restoring databases with two different collations into one new database. We had big issues after this was done in our database in China.