Recommendation needed for an external Hard Drive

I’m looking for an external hard drive with the following requirements : - Around 100 Giga of capacity - Should be able to connect to any type of system (Laptop/Desktop) - Ability to assign device letter (pretty much like a IOMEGA ZIP DRIVE) Can anyone recommend me anything ? I don’t know beans about external hard drive and what’s available nowadays … For Info : I need this HD to take Navision Backups (~30 gigs database) so I could restore them into the external hardrive, this would be very handy when I want to work from home : All I got to do is unplug this external hardrive at the office (laptop) and plug it at home (desktop), Ultimately I would like to use the restore DB off the external harddrive and NOT my internal harddrive. ###### tarek_demiati@ureach.comEdited by - Tarek Demiati on 2002 May 24 22:17:52

Tarek, I would recommend the Maxtor 120GB or 160GB, based on good experience I have had with Maxtor internal drives. I would also recommend the firewire or USB2.0 connection for high speed transfers. Both are about the same transfer rate; the right one depends on the other hardware you have. I recently bought some equipment from googlegear at (with good experience so far) and they carry these products (under hard drives, external/portable). I’ve also used BusLink ( external drives with good experience, but don’t know the brand of disk inside their package. They do have a 120 GB drive. As always, caveat emptor. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner