Recived and Invoiced Column in Vendor Order List

Hello All,

There are two columns in the Vendor Order List View:

  • Recieved
  • Invoiced

My assumption has always been that Recieved (if its ticked) means that the order is fully recieved. The same as invoice(if ticked) has been PARTIALLY invoiced.

BUT, I have seen many examples where the ORDER is FULLY recived , but its NOT been ticked. And again, I have seen orders which have been PARTIALLY invoices, but its not ticked on the LIST view.

Can someone please help me in clearing this up please ??


Hi Luis,

First - standard Navision has fields Recieve and Invoice - not Recieved and Invoiced, and that makes big difference.

These standard fields have nothing to do with statuses of Invoice, F1 says The program uses this field when posting. but HOW - only programmers might know. These behave as you described in your question, and values doesn’t have any correlation with status of Invoice (lines) itself.

If you really have fields named in Past Tense, it’s a modification, but seemingly you simply misspelled them in your question…