Reciept based invoicing

Good day,

We have a client that has requested us to make a “electronic receipt based invoicing” function available in AX 2012 R2.

This means some of the debtors generate the invoices in their system and then send it to our client’s AX instance.

Specifically we need to integration to the Ariba network.

How do we manage the invoice numbers in AX when the invoice number is not generated in AX for some of the invoices?



Well technically no supplier invoices are generated in AX (with the exception of the self-bill concept) so it is the same - you import, the number sequence creates them and you set the supplier invoice reference on the document. You need to map your import to the processing steps required and ensure all required fields are populated as required.

Thank you for your reply Adam,

I understand the supplier invoice is not generated in AX.

The requirement here is to actually apply this to our client (i.e. Accounts receivable).

AX does not allow us to specify a manual number seq.