Receiving, Selling and Invoicing BOM

HI guys! I need to sell a BOM ( Not a PBOM) Item 123 ( composed by item 1, item 2 and item 3). Our customer want to be able to: - Receive item 1 , item 2 and item 3. - When selling item 123, inventory should be deduct automatically for each item 1, item 2 and item 3). - When invoicing , the invoice should list all items ( item 123, item1, item2, item 3.) Any idea??? I know that I can use “explode Bom” somewhere but I want to make sure that i dont need a customisation. ThanKs!

Hi Tatiana, The Explode BOM function can serve in your case.But when you use this function the program will explode the master item sperate eash component items.So when you post the entry the program will deduct the component represent deduct the master item.(Use the BOM Journal for product BOM)That mean the quantity of the master item is remaining.But if you sell the item BOM without the production BOM by BOM journal then you can use. Thanks.