Receiving Requirement Parameter

Hi all,

I have an issue over Receiving Requirement check box (Inventory Model Group > Physical Update > Receiving update )

Suppose i raise a Purchase Order for 100 items. Made a Packing slip for 50 items and Invoicing it for 70 items.

If i uncheck that Receiving Requirement parameter for that particular Inventory model grp of that particular item then the system will allow me to do the invoice for extra 20 items. But if i check it then the system will through me an error. This scenario is working in AX 2009.

Now when i am applying the same scenario in AX 2012, the system is giving error in both the cases , i mean irrespective of that Receiving Requirement parameter checked or unchecked.

Any idea about it…!!! That if i wish 2 do invoice for extra 20 items then how i be able 2 do in 2012.?

Thanks in advance.


Parashar Banerjee.

As you have set the receiving requirements the system, in your example, should only let you invoice 50 because there is no receipt for the other 20 and you have set it to need an invoice - AX2009 had a hole I guess. In 2012 you need to book the 20 in if you have ticked this. If you un-tick it then run through the entire process again - do not use the same order on the old configuration. then you can direct invoice from a non-received line.

Thanks Adam

---- Regards Parashar,