Receiving Intoems into inventory for Kits

Is there a standard report available to use when receiving items to go into kits? Perhaps I just need to filter a report that is currentoly available.

When we recive items in on a PO let’s say we get in qty 10 of item ABC. Of those 10, 3 are to go into general stock to be sold to outside customers. The other 7 are designated to be used in a kit. We store the 3 stock items in one location and the items to go into a kit will go to another location. What I need is a report for the man in our warehouse to know to take 3 and put one place and put the other 7 in another place. Right now all he knows is we received a total of 10, and he will put all of them into the location to be sold to outside customers.

What I would like is to run a report after everything has been received into stock. The warehouse manger could then run this report that will show items received today that are allocated to kits.

Any suggestions?