Receiving Alerts for Batch Jobs (Reports) That Have Been Deleted

We have just installed AX 2012 this past month.

Our users have been setting up reports (both included reports and some of the new ones we created for the installation) to run with batch jobs.

In the process of getting used to the system they have deleted batch jobs - yet they still receive emailed alerts from those jobs (error messages).

I’m not a developer on the system, but I need to give some direction on where to look to see what the issue is.

I’ve searched the forum and not seen anything like this.

Any ideas?

Do you say that that batches that should have been deleted still run and generate errors? Or that some old error are being developers again and again? Or what else does happen?

How exactly did they delete the batch jobs? Are you sure that they’re gone, i.e. they aren’t in the batch queue?

Experiencing the same issue.

Any luck getting it resolved?