Receiving against specific Jobs using WMS

Hi all! How can I use "the Warehouse Receipt " functionality to receive goods against specific jobs? I have created a PO with a job number assigned , released the PO but the system does not allow me to retrieve my order undre the warehouse receipt. Something doing wrong ?? How am I able to do that task? Thanks.

Hi This looks like an issue as the removal of the job allows the creation of the warehouse receipt. You could report this to your NSC, Microsoft may already have it logged although it is not visible on the “new” support knowledge base. You may get a developer to look at codeunit 5751. What I suspect the answer will be is that jobs do not integrate with WMS “by design”. There is no Job number on the warehouse receipt line, so when you process the receipt it posts the receipt to stock, if you have a job it does not let you create it as it will never post to the job from WMS. Perhaps seen as a limitation?

Thanks Steven . I think you’re roght. Jobs seems to not be integrate with WMS. I really dont know why Job module is there .

Hi Shanna You might need to know about the history a bit, jobs was written originally, and was around before any of the WMS stuff, and a lot of the WMS stuff only came in in 3.10/3.60/3.70. We have customers using the job funcitonality, but all that do use it for tracking purchase invoices and sales invoices, nothing too complex. Depending upon what you are trying to achieve have you looked at Dimensions?

Yes I did but my customer really wants to follow costs and activities ( more ABC) related to specific jobs. Thanks for your help anyway.