Receive the material against the same Purchase order

Dear all,

I created the Purchase order order No = SD 001 , for 10 PCs and received the 10 Pcs .( i did not create the invoice)

Out of Ten 2 Items damaged and send it to subcontractor through Retrun Ordder.

after two days i received 2 Items from that Supplier against the same Purchase order.

How it is possible in Navision?

client does not agree to receive the material to agsinst another purchase order ?

so experts could u share u r vallueble experience about this.

throw some light .

Load a new line for the additional 2 on the purchase order. You also need to load a credit note for the 2 you have returned from the purchase return and then apply it to the two you invoice on the original order. In correct processing your supplier should be creating a replacement order whilst processing the return, and this would naturally be a new order, but because they are not processing correctly you need to manipulate your end to reflect this.

Thanks Steven,

Steven wrote : In correct processing your supplier should be creating a replacement order whilst processing the return.

This is true , but we need not think about his Process.

so with out creditmemo concept there is no alternative way.?

because if we start to use the creditmemo then daily they have to create many creditmemos for Wrong items and damage items …

Oh …my navision …

Strangely you only have to think about “his” process if you want to - you are the “customer” so you are the one who should be looked after, so you should insist from an industry standard stand point that they process correctly, if they do not you have two choices, stop doing business with them, or alternatively bear the processing time, cost and errors of the credit memo approach - but that is YOUR decision to cope with the process the supplier is inflicting on YOU. In all honesty it is nothing to do with NAV - all systems will be in a similar position, once you receive the goods in and start processing and returning you are in a cycle of processing that is required to process through the paperwork and processes.