Receive Multiple PO's under same receipt

In AX 2012 R2


Vendor sends shipment fulfilling multiple purchase orders, but not the full quantity of those orders. All purchase orders would be the same receipt number.

Next time the vendor sends a shipment including those same purchase orders. All of those purchase orders would have the same receipt number as each other, but not the same receipt number as the previous shipment we received from the vendor.

I understand that the parameter configuration can be set to accept duplicates, but this seems very limited in functionality. How can I receive multiple POs on the same receipt without having to accept all duplicate receipts. Obviously if I set the accept duplicates on the parameter, then it would be possible to have the same receipt number entered as a prior shipment, which would cause problems for the accounts payable department.

Any suggestions???

Hello Mike,

If the requirement is to combine multiple orders into same business document then you can group them using the Summary update arrangements functionality. Check this out for more info:

Make sure that you choose the criteria for grouping correctly in the Summary update parameters. Let me know if you are looking for something else.

Yes, that was it! thank you. It was hard to find being on the other tab of the receipt form.