Receive Amazon web orders to DAX and send shipment confirmations back.


We currently implement channel advisor software in AX 2009 to receive amazon web orders to DAX and send out shipment confirmations back from DAX. Now that we are migrating to AX 2012 R3 I thought we could use AIF inbound/ outbound service to to do the same.

My question is, Is it possible to let go of channel advisor as a whole and just use AIF or should it be a middle layer for this to work. And based on that, other than inbound/outbound service, what is a better service of AIF to use for this scenario.

We have custom code in DAX 2009(ExternalThirdPartyOrders class – recieving orders, ExternalThirdPartyShipments class – Sending confirmations) and two batch jobs to perform recieve and send operations. It gets the orders as an XML, processes it, creates another xml of confirmations and sends it back.

So how do you I proceed with AIF to perform the same operations, in terms of, should I implement the same class and its methods and call them as a service in AIF or something else? And also I read about integrating visual studio and others with AX, but I don’t know how to do this with Amazon, which comes back to the same question, should I still keep channel advisor active.

Any inputs and ways to proceed is appreciated. Thanks.

As I’m not familiar with how Amazon sends web orders, you could you please elaborate what exactly means “It gets the orders as an XML”?
By the way, why did you decide not to use AIF in AX 2009? What do you expect to work differently in AX 2012?

There is a method in Externalthirdpartyorders class (getchanneladvisororders) which first creates an instance with the client, set a order criteria (which has an begin time and end time, payment status among others, basically filters as to what kind of orders it wants), creates a xml document, and then defines a for loop to get each order one by one into the xml document while the orders with the specific criteria are still present, and finally gives the exported status to show that the orders are gotten.

Well, the channel advisor was already being used before i got here, so I followed it while in ax2009. Now that we wish to upgrade, I wanted to use AIF and not channel advisor (if possible).

Okay, it seems that you call a SOAP service of ChannelAdvisor, which gives you XML in some form (rather than a structured object).

If you want to communicate with Amazon directly, you have to find out what integration options Amazon offers. looks like a good starting point.

Okay thanks. Will do a bit of reading on that and get back to you if I need any help on the DAX side.

Hi, A small update by the business users. They want to keep the soap service with ChannelAdvisor and do not want to move away from them. So instead of custom classes in ax 2009, I will have to implement AIF to have service with channel advisor. Any comments on how to proceed?

I wonder why you don’t you simply look to documentation: Consuming Web Services. It’s there to help you.

If you’ve built a class library with a service reference, you’ll find that it’s almost the same in AX 2012. If you used a service reference in AOT, you’ll now have to explicitly create a class library (and the documentation tells you how).