Receive a notifdication on mobile device

Hi ,

Is it possible to receive a notification on the mobile device? If yes, how this can be implemented.

We want to be able to sent a notification on a cell phone for a Purchase requisition that must be approved. Thanks

You haven’t mentioned neither your version of AX nor the platform (e.g. Windows Phone or Android) that you want to support. The solution will depend on the answers.

You have two basic options:

  • Create a solution independent on the platform, such as Workflow Approval via Email.
  • Implement a native application for the platform (or platforms) you’re going to support.

In fact, we have two different managers where one will use Windows phone and the other Android.

It looks like the workflow approval via email is the best option right? what are pros and cons?

I would vote it too, if your version of AX is 2012 R2.

in my case , we have AX2012 CU3, is it correct? Where can I check that info? Thanks

As far as I know, it’s only for R2, not the original release of AX 2012. You’ll have to upgrade to R2 if you want to use it.


OK we had a similar request, ours was Travel Approval and it flows through multiple layer of approval. There are line managers who are always on move and would like to approve via cell phone. Our solution is bit crude but it works, we created two outlook mailing address one for “Accept” and other one for “Reject”. Now when the request is raised, the outlook mail is generated and sent to Managers email address this is via AX, once he reads his mail in any smart phone, he would either click on link “Accept” or “Reject”, if he accepts the mail is generated and sent to “Accept” mailbox, there is a service written in .NET which keeps running all the time to check if there is any mail in “Accept” or “Reject” mail box. if there is a mail in “Accept” mail box, it will move to next step of approval and so on. For reject it will inform the originator that his request has been rejected.

Let me know if you need any further help.

We at Karya Technologies have developed a mobile framework called MobileReflex which has inbuilt alerts and notification functions. This can be integrated with Dynamics ERP to receive alerts and notifications. We can host you a demo to the same.