Hi, I created a receipt from purchase order and when I want to post it in Warehouse, I got message “Number of source documents posted: 0 out of a total of 1”. Searching through tables it seems like the postinh started, because no. series are increased and number for new posted document is created…but the whole procedure didn’t finshed. I tried it with different user roles, sometimes it works sometimes not…what’s the problem? We are using Navison 3.60. Thank you in advance

Hello, You need to go to Warehouse Setup and change the “Receipt Posting Policy” from “Posting errors are not processed” to “Stop and show the first posting error”. This will give you a more meaningful error message. Navision defaults to “Posting errors are not processed” because if you have hundreds of receipts with errors you get the same number of errors so it just tells you how many have a problem. Hope this is of help.

Thank you! In the meantime we figured what is problem. When we fixed error that was in background - check posting schemas, and wide up user role we managed to solve the problem.