Hello Folks,

Wonder if you can give me some advice please…

Been running recalc month on month before I do the stock closing but I keep getting stuck when I’m running November month. Just wondering what is the best way to approach the above? I gather the data is quite big.

Many thanks[:)]

Stuck how? There should be an error message can you post it?

Basically its starts recalculating from 1/1794/item number… then after 25/1794/item number

it then says not responding. Been doing the same excercise for the last 2 nights and it seems to just hang.

What I was thinking to do is to cancel all my recalc for the last 6 months and start again from April last year and close it month by month as I go along.

What do you think? Please note we haven’t done any closing for the last 6 months. Just been doing the recalc.

Please kindly advice.

It generally does not hang, it is working it is just that it looks like it is not responding. I would recommend contacting your partner and getting some advice. I would also recommend not running it direct on a client if possible (not sure from memory if you can batch post that routine). Anyway failing that start it on Friday and see where it is on Monday assuming you do not back up and drop the AOS over these days. It may simply be taking time due to volume of data etc., or there maybe an error, but until it errors you will not know this. It could also loop if you have been in the tables and edited the data, but as I said best bet is to ask your partner for help