Rebate Program in Navision

Is there anybody knows about Rebate Program in Navision?

We have a big deal from Customer who has more than 3000 customers under them. This Customer allows us to get access to their customers directly and as the reciprocal; they required us to give them a rebate for each selling we make to their Customer. The rebate rate was defined base on then Inventory Posting Group; we cut the check base on this rate and multiply to the number of sales to get the rebate amount.

What is the best solution to solve this? Is there any add-on program available?

Thank you for any help.

ZEN [:)]

Sounds like a commission where the commission rate is calculated per item type.

Check out Cost Control Software, inc. ( They have an addon that can help you out.

that is a good idea, a commission, why not set up a salesman code to represent the customer you want to give the rebate to, and then assign that salesman code to the actual customers you are selling to. Then you can use the standard Navision commision reports to calulate what you owe.

I think the problem is that he wants to give commission on the item level instead of the order level.

Standard Navision does not calculate commission on the item level.

Here’s another one to throw on the fire

Navision Commission Manager

Got it. There is a field on the item card. (not shown by defualt< but there anyways) called commision group. You can make the commision group on the item level equal to the percentage of commission that item should get

so group 1 = 1%, 2% ect.

Unfortunately it doesn’t actually post with the value enteries or the item ledger entries, or anywhere else I can find. But you could design your report using the value entry table and the item table, since between these two they would contain all you need to calculate the commission per item, per salesman code. so, you could do it without an addon if you wanted to work a little at it.

Come on now… Almost anything can be implemented without an addon. It’s just whether or not the end user wants to spend the money for a developer or buy an existing product that has these functionalities.

that is kind of the point, why buy an add-on or pay a developer if Navision has what you need already. Making one custom report that is well within an endusers ability using existing Navision fields is the way to go, before buying an addon or paying a developer.

If they upgrade later there will be no conflicts with this either.

Also, the field commission group has been in the item table since at least version 2.0 so it is not going anywhere, and its sole purpose is for the end user to use as they see fit. Just like the statitics group, it just there so the user can use the field in reports.

Thank you for sharing this info. I will definitely find out ans explore on this.