Reasonable database size?

Hi! We are running Navision Attain 3.01 SQL option for a year and almost 3 months now. Our database size at the end of February was a bit over 47Gb (with 220000 orders posted). Bearing in mind that we use Navision only to track Sales and Inventory movements (Vendors, Fixed Assets, Production Costing, etc are dealt elsewhere) it seems like a lot. Performance also leaves much to be desired, but we are installing brand new server, which might improve things. We tried to estimate where we are going to end up with our database if sales continue to grow more or less in line with company strategic plans and came to unhappy conclusion: 1. Annual increment in DB size will grow from 50Gb to 70-170GB (pessimistic/optimistic sales forecast) in five years 2. If we proceed with implementation of other modules (Vendors, etc) annual increment will be at least 1.5 times higher This estimate brings up several questions: 1. Does anyone have similar volume of transactions/database size in Navision? What is the maximum size of workable database you have seen? 2. Should we look for a different software solution altogether? 3. If Navision is still the option - what maintenance procedures would you recommend? Quarterly compression? Backup databases for reporting purposes? Building data warehouse to sift [:D] data in it? Any opinion is welcome. Konstantin

could you please tell me inwhich table the most records exist? You can find out by File/Database/Info/Button Tables. There is a column there which tells you howmant records are present in a table. Maybe you have some option on which makes your database explode. Sample : Automatic Cost Posting

One can run a script in SQL which shows number of rows in each table: sp_MSforeachtable “sp_spaceused ‘?’” Anyway 64% of database size is eaten up by following tables: Ledger Entry Dimension 82806468 rows, 6001848 KB Posted Document Dimension 56244921 rows, 6191376 KB Sales Shipment Line 3608147 rows, 4039968 KB Sales Invoice Line 3608239 rows, 3714664 KB Value Entry 4682099 rows, 4767680 KB Item Ledger Entry 4649684 rows, 5649168 KB In total just over 30Gb