Realized Gains / Lossess

I face a problem about Realized Gains / Losses. I will explain that problem as below : I have a customer, which transfer from the old system to the new one ( Navision Financial ) with the beginning balance ( 1 st January 2001) as Rp. 775.062.693,00 And then the customer paid the account receivable for Rp. 239.039.647,00 in twice time That’s cause the remaining balance will be as Rp. 239.039.647,00 And then at the end the customer paid all the remaining balance, but the computer operator was wrong when he input the value of that remaining balance He must be input it by local currency ( in Rp. ), but he input that value in USD ( the currency rate when that transaction was being input was Rp. 9495 for 1 USD ) After the operator post the transaction, the journal also appear the Realized Gain account as Rp. 23.35 The question is : where do the value of Rp. 23.35 in the Realized Gain account come from ? Thanks for helping me to solve this kind of trouble Best Regards, Agatha

Hi Agatha, These transactions should have two amounts LCY and US. If you will multiply your US amount on exchange rate 9495 differences between this amount and 239.039.647,00 will be 23.35. Really this is rounding difference. When you calculate US amount you round it up to 0.01. If you will multiply your rounding amount ( about $0.002459…) on exchange rate 9495 you will have 23.35. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.