Reagrding Report Creation


i create a report sales invoice .

in which i used two table posted sales invoice header /& posted sales lines .

now i would like to call some customer information on that sale invoice which is no available in posted sales invoice header

i store it into a cal global variable but i am not able fetch the information of customer through that variable .

please provide the code or procedure how to call customer information on that report .




You mean you have some information in customer card but not in sales invoice header.

using the customer no. you want to get the additional information?

then you need to declare customer record as global variable and get the customer card using GET function and show the additional information in sections using customer record…

i declare a variable in cal global as custinfo . now what can i do next step.

Please tell me the procedure to use GET function


sorry i cant able to get information

plz. write down step by step procedure .


Define as following in global variable.

recCustomer Record Customer

Now on onAftergetrecord Trigger of Sales invoice header write following

IF recCustomer.GET(“Sell-To Customer No.”) THEN BEGIN

< Put value in variable here >


As well as without putting value in variable also you can directly use customer field in report.

forum is to help you in finishing your work by giving suggestions not by writing step by step code…

what did you try and what didnt work?