Reading XML

Hi I am calling a webservice which returns XML. Is there a way in Navision to read the XML. I have tried to read it into a text. I would like to go through the tags one by one. I am using the following automations : ‘Microsoft XML, version 2.0’.XMLHTTPRequest (call the webservice) ‘Microsoft XML, version 2.0’.DOMDocument (receive the XML) ‘Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library’.Stream (Read the xml to Text) Hope that someone can help me, where do I find more information of how to use automation in Navision, books or the internet.

xmlDoc Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.DOMDocument xmlHTTP Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.XMLHTTP After sending the request (using xmlHTTP.send), you can load the response using: xmlDoc.load(xmlHTTP.responseXML) Perhaps you should test if xmlHTTP.status = 200 before trying to load the response.

Kenneth, Check the Biztalk codeunits for examples of how to handle XML documents in C/AL code. They’re called XML Document-Create, or -transform, etc. You should find plenty of ideas there. Also, check out the “BizTalk Appln. Srv. Startup” codeunit (number 99008528) to see how to retrieve an XML document out of a message queue. This works very similar to any other transport method. HTH