Reading XML documents

Hey Guys. I could really do with some help from you ‘experts’ out there! Has anyone experience reading XML documents via Cside?!? I am talking about Attain version GB3.60 in particular. Please help?! [:(]

Other than through User Portals - no. You might be able to get away with using the XML handling of the dataports that the User Portals used but that property disappears in 4.0 (but then you get XMLPorts). Another option might be writing an external application that can parse the XML document to convert it into something more suitable for processing by Navision. Or an XSL sheet should be able to do the same thing. Good luck, Django

Hi, In C6226 you can see how it works. /Karl

Thanks Guys. Yes, I have had a look at this codeunit and others, but in particular I wish to read childNodes - Attributes of a childNode. Anymore help?!

Have you looked at C/U 6224 XML DOM Managment? Try using Symbol menu to find childnode attribute. Tony

Thanks for your responses but this codeunit didn’t help. Our NSC were able to help us achieve what we wanted.

You can use the MXXMLDOM in Navision as an Automation Server. You an find the XMLDOM Reference at