Reading selected line on a transfer journal to custom form

I have created a form that will print out a label. The form is on the InventJournalTrans form on the Lines Action Pane. This is supposed to bring in the selected line when the button is clicked and display the information that I have specified. However, this does not do that currently. It always brings in the first line of the journal.

For example;

I have journal INVTR01 with line 1 containing itemA and everything is filled out. Then I create a label for it using my custom form and it calls the correct information. I add a new line to it and the new line turns into the first line.

line1 is now line2 and the new line 1 contains itemB. I can create a label for that one too but wait, I miss printed the first label so I go back but it doesn’t show me ItemA instead shows me ItemB.

I have decided to include the line number to show on the form and the line number with every addition decrements into negative numbers. Line 1 is 1, new line 1 is -1 then if i add another then it turns into line -2.

Why is this happening and how can I get the selected line to appear in my form?

I had to make a relation to the inventJournalTrans table to itself