Reading "Mail GUID" from Outlook-inbox

Hi Guys,

I’ve been asked to create a “Mail-import” function, that surveys a specific mail-inbox, and should search for the “Mail GUID” property set by CU397 if it exists.
If so the mail should be saved to disk, and then imported in a BLOB-field in NAV.

So far i’ve found out that only by using OlMailItem, i can actually save the mail to disk, as .msg with attachments and all.
So i’ve created a function that loops through items in the inbox, and then saves them to disk.
BUT, i can only get it to work, if i save all items.

The thing is that i want to extract the Mail GUID, and use it both as file-name and as the link to the specific Interaction Log Entry, in order to have the .msg file stored correctly in NAV.
This is where my problems start… [:’(]

I’ve tried looping through ItemProperties and UserProperties searching for a property named ‘Mail GUID’ (the name given by CU397), with no luck.
Using the PropertyAccessor only gives me errors, since i can’t figure out the namespace for the property.

So my question is if anyone can help by pointing me in the right direction?
Maybe someone actually have some experience with this?

Btw… Is the “Mail GUID” even sent with the mail to the inbox?
(I’ve tried to loop Sent Items as well, with the same sad result)

Hope to hear from you, as this is driving me mad.