Reading integer value from Excel2010 to dynamics ax 4.0


While importing data from Excel sheet 2010 into dynamics ax 4.0 , an integer value from the excel sheet is read as decimal value(For example : 72 is read as 72.0000).Please find the code for reading the value below:

configId = COMVariant2Str(excelCells.item(i,2).value());

Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks in advance.


Are you using template sheet generated from AX or is it custom sheet?

Data will be entered in table as per datatype of the field.



It is custom sheet.

and the type of field is string.




The integer field from the excel sheet is read as a decimal field(decimal points attached to it)

In axapta the field is a string field where as in excel I am specifying mixed values like integer, real,string.

Eg: I have specified values like 72, 74 etc.But while reading the values they are read as 72.0000, 74.0000 respectively.But I want them to be read as 72 and 74 only