Reading Files in a Directory

Hello People, I waz just wondering if anyone has tried this before, ok heres it is… The user inputs a Drive (A: or C: or D:) in a text box i have to read the contents of the drive, i.e. the file names with their exentions, size and store them in a table. Then the user selects which files are to be imported, in to respective table a field with tablerelation to Object table is avalable to select the tables in which the data would be imported. Has anyone any idea of what im talking about !!! well any suggestions… Vishal

Yes, you have a virtuell record named File. Make a form on this table, let the user select some files, and USE SETSELECTIONFILTER and call a function for import the fiels. Product Manager

Thanx a lot i figured out how to go about it there are 2 virtual records drive and file which can be used as in Sales Header and Sales line it works just fine thanx again NGP/NCSD