Reading CSV-File

Hi all I have a Problem: There is a simple Textfile with comma-separated values. Only commas no " !!! Some Values have more than 250 chars. :frowning: How can I import that file into NF 2.01B?? Any suggestions??? Benjamin Crause Germany

You can use a dataport and set in the dataport properties the FieldStartDelimiter and the FieldEndDelimiter to which means that there are no field delimiters. Saludos Nils

I don’t see an easy way in 2.01 Can you work on the Text File? If you can then I suggest that prefix each field with a unique identifier , etc with each field on a separate line of the Infile. Where a field is >250 characters then the identifiers become , etc. Have each record in the infile separated by a new line in the textfile consisting of (End of Record) Then you have to write a report to read the new textfile. You will be able to identify all the fields in the textfile and deal with each appropriately. Regards David

You could also write your own text import using file (e.g. f.READ, etc.) commands. A fair amount of work, but lots of flexibility. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

First: Thanks for your help! Second: I guess I must use the way of file.READ because the textfiles I have are created by an external programm and have a size of 3-4 MB!! I could modify the files - right! But that would also be an to big amount of time to do :wink: I have such textfiles EVERY-DAY! And dont forget the values >250 chars - they are the main problem. I will check out the file.READ -Solution ;)) Thanks! Ben Benjamin Crause Germany

RE I found another way (<- this was also the name of a song wasnt it?) I use a Dataport with fixed length and Im reading every line into four 250 text-vars. Then I an read the vars on my own (searching for a comma). That works damn good!! Bye bye Benjamin Crause Germany