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Hello All, We have Navision Financials 2.6 which has now gone end of life. However we wish to keep the system running for a while so that people can check on old orders or old accounts. So my question is. How can I give all my users the permissions to read the database but not to change everything. I tried to remove all of the write permissions from their database roles however this also prevents them from accessing some of the data and running some of the reports. Thanks

Maybe you can make your DB read only [:D] Sorry, joke; I think you are on the right way, some of the tables need direct or indirect writing. If you get an error, correct it, and complete the settings this way. Don’t forget to change the “Allow Posting To” in the G/L Setup. This way you know for sure know financial postings are made. Regards, Mark

We use Navision 3.6, but for a while it was possible to access the ‘old’ Navision 2.0. All users used loginID WATCHER with password WATCHER. User WATCHER had only roles which couldn’t modify any data. You could define a role RUNNINGREPORTS which has the rights to run reports. [:D] And add this role to user WATCHER.

mbonhomme I think what you wanted to know was how to create a ROLE for this. If so, create a role with permission to object 0 of all types, but in the Table data object type, set it to read only. It should look somethign like this… Type ID Read Insert Modify Delete Execute Table Data 0 Yes Yes Table 0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Form 0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Report 0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Dataport 0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Codeunit 0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Thanks David, I think this should do the trick. I will give it a try tomorrow and post to let you all know. I do have one further thought. We also have a option called SYSTEM to go along with Table, Form, Codeunit, etc. Do you think I should include this and if so what permissions should I give it. Regards, Mark.

System should also be there, but it should be limited, try the following, it should be enough… Object Type Object ID Read Insert Modify Delete Execute System 2510 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes System 3220 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes System 3230 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes System 3410 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes System 5330 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Hope it does the trick.

Hello David (and everyone else), I’d just like to thank you (and everyone else) for all your help. Thanks, Mark.

By the way mbonhomme have you upgraded to a new version, or switched products?

Our company has moved to SAP. However we wanted to keep the data around for a while.

Ouch [B)] Succes [:D]