RE: Status changes after doing some process

Dear All,

In my form. header level i have one P-status enum(open/close). initally it is in open status.and also i have status enum(open/close) in line level. for the one particular header id, it have multiple number of the line.

my condition is, header level P-Status will be change into close after the all line is change into the closed status.

[ All line Status enum ->Close – header P-Status enum → close ]

If any one know the coding, please help me



I think you can write the logic on the modified method of line level enum field

or active method of datasource method.

there you can check condition if the status of line level fields are close then you can pass closed status to form level enum.

Hi Nitin,

i checked in the modified and active method for only one line. but changing the close status, header records are filter based on the selective record…

i’m using this coding for the single line status change

public void modified()
while select TimeTable
where TimesTable.Id == TiimeLine**.Id**
if(TiimeLine.Status == Status::Close)
TimeTable**.P-Status = P-Status::Closed;**


why filtering happen ?

how can change the status for all line?

this type of error is showing

<b>Cannot edit a record in Gate pass table (GatePassTable).
The values displayed in the form are not current, so an update or deletion cannot be made. To view the current values, on the Command menu, click Restore or press CTRL+F5.</b>

**how can i rectify it?**