RE - SO Header Import

Hi Everyone,

I ve created one csv file.

Cust_Account Service Offered

Cust_000004 24-09-2011

Cust_000005 25-09-2011

Cust_000004 24-09-2011…

I ve created one menu item button in the Sales Table form… By using this button i ll import that csv file to create the sale order for the corresponding customer…I ve written a class for this.

Now if the Cust_account is repeating in the same csv file and the service offered date is same means it shud create ly one Sale order…But for me it creating 3 Sale orders…

Help me regarding this…



One way of doing it is, using a temporary table concept. Make it a temp table and insert records into it, then a apply a group by and insert into the original table.