RE- SalesTable Form

Hi Everyone,

In SalesTable form, Update Menu Button is there…

In that Menu Button some MenuItemButtons are there… Nw depending upon status of the sales order those MenuItemButtons are enabled or disabled.

for ex, if the status of the Sale Order is ‘Delivered’ means the MenuItemButton “Invoice” ly enabled.

so in which place they had written the code for this…(to enable n disable the MenuItemButtons).

Help me regarding this.

With Regards,

M.Madhan Kumar.

Take a look at SalesTableForm class enableUpdateJournalButtons mehtod.

  • Arun

Hi Madhan,

In the
Forms — SalesTable — MenuButtonButtonHeaderUpdate — clicked() it calls the
Classes – SalesTableForm — enableUpdateJournalButtons() there you can find the logic to enable/diable the them accordingly…

Naresh kolli

Hi Naresh,

i have created two invoice reports.

Nw in the sales table form one MenuItemButton called “Invoice” is there under the posting Menu Button.

i have created another MenuItemButton called “ExportInvoice” below that Invoice button…

Nw depending upon the currency of the customer those buttons should be enabled or disabled.

for ex if the currency is “INR” means that Invoice button alone shud be enabled.

if the currency is other than that means that ExportInvoice button shud be enabled.