Re: Reservations & Marking

Hello All ,

Guys i have a problem with reservation and marking i a production area for a medical industry, hope to mention it clearly;

  • We are running the Master planning module, and it results with planned production orders

  • As this planned order firmed, it’s changed to be scheduled order, and every firmed order results with four child orders

  • The first level order comes with the proper Marking and Reservation, That is all produced Qty for this batch order marked and reserved for the Parent Order ( The reference order),

  • Problems start to appear for the second level, the system doesn’t mark and reserve all produced Qty from this order to the parent order- and the same happen for all child orders- what is must in my case as a result from the Medical regulations.

  • I will appreciate any help.

I would suggest

  1. You look at setting your marking to extended.

  2. You ensure reference orders are always moved with parent orders

  3. You post questions like this as a new question, not tagging to an old post where it will be ignored by 90% of forum users. [:D]

I would mention:

  1. The settings is set to Extended.

  2. All child orders referenced to their parent orders probably.

3)Next time i will post any questions as new post, this is my first post O,o

Thanks very much for your response :slight_smile: