RE - Purchase order workflow

Hi Everyone,

In Purchase order workflow there is an option to add fields in the Automatic condition. But that happens only for the Purch Table fields. Not for the Purch Lines .

Can anyone help me to solve this. (For ex - If the Item group belongs to something means i need the Purchase order to be approved)

Path : AP ->Setup → Workflow configurations → General → Modify → Details Tab → PurchWorkflow approval → Automatic conditions → Purchase orders .



Hello Mohan, Check the Query being using this workflow…In the query only the PurchTable might be used,so fields from the purchtable are shown for the conditins. Add the PurchLine also in the query, then fields form the PurchLine also will be shown.

Thankz a lot Naresh…


Can somebody tell me what is the query for the Purchase Order Workflow? I’m trying to find it but I can’t.