Re : Oracle 10g Standard Edition Report Builder

In sql server we have report builder which be integrated with dynamic Ax for adhoc ie. drag and drop report building , could you please find is oracle 10g supports report builder and if yes is it possible to integrate with Dynamic Axpta to building adhoc reporting ie. drag and drop.

has any one tried before , if yes please profile some help links


As I understand you have asked two separate questions -

  1. Whether SQL Report Builder supports Oracle 10g

This is the wrong forum for this question. Any way here is my .02 cents - I may be wrong as I never tried this. But I believe SQL Report Builder may be used with Oracle 10g.

  1. Whether AX may be used in conjunction with Oracle 10g and SQL Report Builder -

Oracle itself is very rarely used as database for DAX implementations. Therefore I am not sure whether anyone would have tried to use this combination before. Your best bet may be try contacting MS support if you are a partner or contact partner if you are a customer.

But Oracle is a dead end for DAX 2012 as the support is dropped.

Hi Harish,

Yes absolutely you have understood the question right , could you please guide for the first question the correct forums to post , though i thought since if somebody has experienced it earlier in implementing the same solution can throw some light over the same.

Yes we can contact MS Support but lot of real time challenges are posted here and people those who are expert in the community can help each other that was the moto.

Any how thanks for the suggestion we are aware about the fact of Oracle is dead end for DAX 2012.

have a good day.