Re: Jet Report


What excel formula can I used to generate the correct inventory of an item in Dynamics Nav with a specific date…using Jet Reports essesntial???


Jet report adds four new functions to Excel. NL , NF, NP and GL.

The NF function is a shortcut . You can define which record you want with the NL function and you can retrieve multiple fields from that record within the NF function.

you can use NP function to create date filter etc.

For more information you can search for the jet report training material and courses which will help you to create beautiful reports in excel from the different tables of NAV.

ok…tnx but how can i use the NP function? I dont have any idea?

for that you can search and find the training materials which are available on the internet. you may have to pay for that but of course it will be very much beneficial for you…

ok i searched it already…but the problem is in my report i think, because I need to get the age of an inventory of an item with a range of date. for example: there is a new purchase product but there is inventory left of that item the problem is how can i distribute their age in a single column using the Purchase date…Hope You’ll Help me with that…