Re-Init a form

Hi, I have the following problem: I would like to reinit a form on a special event, e.g. on event button pressed. That means that every table-box, each variable and component in my form should be reinit. It should behave in the same way, as if I close my form and open it again after that. Do you know an easy way to implement this??? Thank you very much for helping me…

Why reinit? or do you maybe mean a currform.update?

No, I think I don’t mean update…the form should behave as if I close it and after that reopen it again. All components and variables in the form should then be cleared. Do you understand my problem?

Hi Uhlig Are you looking for a ClearAll? bye André

Hi , yes I tested CLearall, but the components inside the form, still held the same values. My form should exactly behave, like on the init of the form…

Try ClearAll; CurrForm.UpdateControls; btw. What is on the form if you open it? Perhaps you have to move some code from OnInit or OnOpen into a function. Then you can call ClearAll and after that call your function again. bye André

Uhlig, What are you making? And why do you need to clear the complete form? Please explain, maybe we can find you another solution.

HI, thank You for your help, I found a good solution. My goal was to reinitialize the form, thus all variables, Selections, Filters etc. should be cleared. I could solve the problem by combining the functions “deleteall”, “clear” and “reset”.