re : if condition matching

if I select one value from the enum and it should check the other enum vale of the other table…matching records to display on both the to do that…

Could you give us a bit more elaborated description of your problem? I really didn’t get either what you’re trying to achieve or what’s the part you’re struggling with.

Actually I have an EDT and I have an Base Enums.I have to join into a Table. That’s what I was struggling. Now I have solved it. Now I got a problem whether I an use EDT Type to Inherit a Table or EDT to EDT inheritance.

for example. An Address Contains Door no, Street Name, Area Name, Pin Number. From the EDT ,each Column must inherit each other. How to do it…

Is it Table Level Inheritance is better or EDT Extends another EDT is Better. how to do for the above mentioned issue. Thanks for your fast reply.

EDT inheritance is not better or worse than EDT inheritance, they solve completely different problems. Table inheritance has very specific use - it’s better never use it than use it in a wrong way. Forget for now that table inheritance exists.

“each Column must inherit each other” doesn’t make any sense to me, so I can’t help with that.